Volume 1-2020

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List of Features


The following articles have appeared in past editions of the Revolution Culture Journal. Use the search engine to go to these articles.


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9-11 Liberals and Salman Rushdie
Police Force "Bombing" in Iraq
Anatomy of a Screwing

Fix America Now
Iceberg Economy: How the Supply Siders are Sinking the Ship of State
Bloomberg Illustrates Dodd-Frank Regulations for Investors
DAVOS WEF Points Out Single Points of Failure in the New Global Economy
Soulless Possession of Santo Niño
What Keeps NBC's Chuck Todd Up at Night?
"King of Bain" - Documentary on Mitt Romney's Private Equity Firm Bain Capital
Robert Smigel's Lost Ode to the Evil of General Electric
Riddle This: Do Our Governmental Systems Hinder Mitigation of Harmful Influences to Our System of Government?
The Achievement Metric - Time for a New Way of Determining Public Policy and Positioning Revenue Spending
Hide Your Brains! Matthews from the Left! Gingrich from the Right! Blowhard Attack! Or, more to the point...book reviews of "JFK Elusive Hero" and "Valley Forge"
Art Sampler - An RCJ Review of Art in the Modern Period
Benicia, California Case Study in Traffic Engineering and Growth Management
Everyday Heroism - The Penn State Debacle
How to Keep Things Lousy in the USA
How Being a Socialist Became a Negative
Are You A Slave? A Brief History of the Subject Suggests "Probably"
Moses, Wall Street, Human Nature and Grover Norquist
Concepts of Resistance - The RCJ Provides a Road Map for the OWS Movement
Lance Henriksen - World's Greatest Actor in Reflective Mode
Conspiracy - A Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the New World Order
Elections 2012
What Does it Take to be President?
Rating the U.S. News Readers
The Antidote to Michelle Bachman
Ship of Fools - Why Won't We Save Ourselves?
White House Solar Bomb
What Is Happening to Us?
The Cloud - What It Is
Background on Afghanistan
Economics 101
Global Economic Risks
Islamic Definition
Middle East
Second Amendment Remedies
Sam Broussard - Republicans
Why All the Zombies?
Gun Rights
Leadership Chronicles




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